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STELLA Product List

Electroless Nickel/Palldium Immersion Gold for PCB Final Finishing - RoHS compliance

1 SSC AFB-78 Alkaline Cleaner for Flexible boards
2 SSC PD-120 Pd initiator
3 SSC LTEN-287 Low temperature EN for ENIG
4 SSC EN-28 EN for ENIG 
5 SSC EPD-01 Electroless Palladium for ENEPIG
6 SSC ImAu-08 Immersion Au for ENIG

Organic Solderability Preservative for PCB Final Finishing

7 SSC CP-10 Dry salt for OSP acid cleaner
8 SSC CP-20 Microetch for copper and copper alloys
9 SSC CPCOAT CU-37 OSP Accelerator
10 SSC CPCOAT OSP for selective PCB boards
11 SSC CPCOAT PLUS OSP for high temperature application

Pore Blocker for Electronics Applications

12 SSC GPCOAT-02 Pore Blocker for Au/Ag protection (Connector, ENIG, Jewellery etc)
13 SSC CU I Copper Protection, Pink Gold
14 SSC AU-SK Post Treatment of Gold, Nickel, Electroless Nickel and Tin/Tin Alloy 
15 SSC ANTI-08 Pore Blocker for Leadframe, Smartcard and Touch Screen Panel
16 SSC AU PB-01 Pore Blocker for thin gold/silver plating layers

Electroplating Chemicals for Connectors & Leadframe

17 SSC ES-05 Electrolytic Cleaner
18 SSC ES-06 Electrolytic and Soak Cleaner
19 SSC HGC-01 Hard gold plating
20 SSC HSAG High Speed Silver
21 SSC HAG Hard silver plating
22 SSC PDNI-AF Ammonia Odor Free Palladium/Nickel Plating
23 SSC SP815 Ni-P alloy electroplating

Special Chemicals for 3-D MID Process

24 SSC MID-NM Alkaline Etching for LCP, Resin and LDS
25 SSC PREDIP Enhancer for adhesion
26 SSC MID-PD Pd Activator
27 SSC MID-ECU Electroless CU
28 SSC MID-LTEN Electroless NI
29 SSC MID-WD EN Protection

Electroless Nickel Process Chemicals - RoHS Compliant

30 SSC AC-01 Soak cleaner
31 SSC EC-02 Electrocleaner
32 SSC AE-2A Acid Etching for Aluminium and Alloys
33 SSC DS-98 Aluminium desmutting
34 SSC AL-DS Aluminium desmutting and activation
35 SSC ZC-69 Zincate
36 SSC NI-08AM M-P EN for Al & Alloys
37 SSC NI-08FM M-P EN for Fe & Cu
38 SSC NI-68 H-P EN
39 SSC WD-01 EN Chrome Free Passivation
40 SSC EN WT EN Waste Treatment

Non-metallic Surface Metallization Process (POP)

41 SSC WT-68 Etching Wetting Agent
42 SSC NE-02 Neutralizer
43 SSC ACC-38 Promoter
44 SSC CAT-34 Pd Activator
45 SSC AEN-19 Alkaline Electroless Nickel for Plastic
46 SSC ACU-01S Acid Aluvial Copper
47 SSC ACU-07 Acid Copper
48 SSC NI-SB100 Semi bright nickel
49 SSC NI-B200 Bright nickel
50 SSC NI 700 Micro porous nickel
51 SSC CR ACT Electrolytic (cathodic) activator for electroplated bright nickel deposits plated prior to bright chromium plating
52 SSC CR 800 Bright chrome
53 SSC WD-01 Post treatment

General Chemicals

54 SSC BS Bright Silver Plating
55 SSC NCG-01 Non Cyanide Gold
56 SSC EP-02 Electrolytic Stainless Steel Polishing
57 SSC CP-1 Copper Polishing
58 SSC ACV 35 Dry Salt Activator
59 SSC BNZ Black Nickel plating
60 SSC BNT Tin-Nickel alloy plating
61 SSC NSTRIP-01 Non Cyanide Nickel and EN Stripper from Steel and Copper
62 SSC NSTRIP-06 Non Cyanide Nickel Stripper from Copper and Copper Alloys
63 SSC SNTRIP-01 Electrolytic Tin Stripper from Stainless Steel Jigs
64 SSC SNTRIP-08 Nitric acid free Stripper for Tin and solder
65 SSC CUTRIP-01 Copper Stripper from Stainless Steel
66 SSC NES-P Electrolytic Jig Stripper 

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