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Specialty Chemicals for General Plating

Plating on Plastic for Automotive Parts

Stella provides a whole package solution for plating on plastic, especially electrolytic copper process with excellent throwing power and levelling.

Features & Benefits

  • One-stop solution provided including pre-treatment and post-treatment
  • Superior brightness without pitting
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low running cost

Precious metal coating

Cyanide-free Alkaline Gold & Cyanide-free Silver—Stella’s latest green technology offers environmental-friendly and less hazardous specialty chemicals for precious metals coatings. Suitable for various industries, our  cyanide-free coatings provide functional as well as high quality surface finishes. Used with our post treatment anti-tarnish chemicals, the surface finishing is able to withstand higher corrosion thus reducing overall costs.

Strippers & Pre-treatment

Nickel & Tin strippers are formulated for stripping nickel and tin/tin-alloys from copper without attacking the base metals. Stella’s efforts to customize the chemicals helps in optimizing the performance  and operations tact time of our customer’s production line, resulting in significant cost saving. Copper, Silver & Chrome strippers are also available.

Stella’s range of pre-treatment cleaners and substrate activation chemicals compliment all our metal plating chemicals. We have also specialized cleaners for removal of carbon deposits on used parts for the aerospace industry. Other specialized Electro-polishing chemicals for Stainless Steel substrate are also available. 

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