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Specialty Chemicals for Electronic Industry

Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold (ENIG) - RoHS  Compliant

Stella’s ENIG process is specially designed to suit the PCB fabrication including Flexible boards with compliance to RoHS requirements. With unique low running temperature of EN bath and superior stability, the uniform ENIG deposit is capable of meeting the requirements of super complex and fine line, high density PCB’s wire bonding and soldering.

Features & Benefits

  • EN RoHS compliance (No heavy metal)
  • Low operation temperature EN (< 65°C) (patent filling)
  • Plating with microcolumnar structure (patent filing)
  • Stable deposit appearance throughout
    solution life with excellent ductility
  • Evenness of deposit (< 10% variation)
  • Reduce EN dummy plating frequency
  • Extended bath life and high stability (Up to 5MTO)
  • Fine ball bondability
  • Easy maintenance and control
  • EN waste treatment technology (patent granted in China)


New Generation Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP)

Stella has developed a new innovative organic thin film process which is halogen-free and is compatible to multiple lead-free reflow cycles. Stella OSP is a short and simple process with broad operating window, thus enabling easy maintenance and control of operating solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Halogen-free OSP for flexible PCB
  • Extreme low acidic value (20~50% of conventional technology)
  • Excellent lead-free solderability
  • No pre-coat needed
  • Selective coating on copper (No coating on gold surface)
  • Copper tolerance >100ppm
  • Perfectly suitable for flexible PCB
  • Environment friendly with minor odour


Water Based Pore Blocker

Pore Blocker is a treatment process used to form a protective layer of self-assembled monomers on metal surfaces. Used in the electronics industry, this technology provides enhanced corrosion and wear resistance. Hence reducing the thickness of precious metal plating and leading to significant cost savings. This is one of Stella’s patented technologies which was qualified by MNCs.

 Features & Benefits

  • A solvent free waterborne process to form ultra-thin nano protective layer in few seconds
  • Applicable to protection of Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel & Tin
  • Easy process for make-up and maintenance
  • Very uniform coating - no water or oily stain
  • No volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
  • Excellent heat-resistance, humidity-resistance and solderability
  • Better anti-tarnish and wear resistance

After Stella’s pore blocker treatment, customer’s products (25nm Au on 1.27~2.54µm Ni) are able to pass 48 hours of salt spray test!


Special Additives for Hard Gold Plating

Stella’s Hard Gold Plating is a high speed process which produces a bright deposit with excellent corrosion resistance and solderability. With special formulated additives in the hard gold plating solution, the deposit thickness of gold at low current density area is significantly reduced and immersion of gold is eliminated. Substantial gold savings and extended bath life are realized. This is one of the technologies qualified by MNCs.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce up to 25% of gold consumption
  • High current efficiency
  • Long bath life
  • Additive system is analysable and controllable
  • Even deposit layer
  • Wide operating window


Electroless Nickel (EN) - RoHS compliance

Mid-Phosphorus EN  Stella’s new generation  RoHS Mid-P EN chemicals provide nickel nodule free smooth surface.

Features & Benefits

  • RoHS compliance
  • Superior smoothness and brightness
  • High deposition rate of > 20µm / hour
  • Suitable for hard disk drive, memory disks and wafer fabrication
  • Excellent bath stability,
  • High loading (>3.0dm2/L)
  • High tolerance of Zinc ions (up to 200ppm)
  • Long bath life (Al: ~5-6 MTO, Fe/Cu: >8 MTO)

High-Phosphorus EN  Stella’s  RoHS H-P EN is suitable for functional and  decorative purposes, providing uniform surface finishing with high corrosion resistance. Compatible for various substrates.

 Features & Benefits

  • RoHS compliance
  • High deposition rate of 12-15µm / hour
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for functional and decorative purposes
  • Excellent bath stability
  • Fine grain dense deposit without pitting
  • Long bath life (>6 MTO)


Total EN Process: Stella provides total EN process solutions including pre-treatment and post treatment as well as novel EN waste treatment.

3D Moulded Interconnect Device (MID) 

With the ever-evolving technologies and market demand for higher performance solutions, Stella has developed new generation and green technologies for 3D MID applications. A key process in MID, Stella’s Electroless Copper is a fast, single-step plating process uniquely designed for optimum performance and enhanced benefits.

Features & Benefits (Electroless Copper)

  • High deposition rate (~10µm in 1hour)
  • Low operating temperature (< 50°C)
  • High stability, simple to operate
  • Fine grain copper deposit with excellent adhesion
  • Low stress with uniform deposit


Features & Benefits (Low Temp. EN)

  • Low operating temperature (< 65°C)
  • High stability, simple to operate
  • Even deposit with excellent ductility
  • Low stress with uniform deposit


Aluminium Anodizing

Stella’s new generation aluminum anodizing chemicals are designed for high power Light Emitting Diode (LED).

Features & Benefits

  • High ratio between breakdown
    potential and film thickness (2700V / 25µm)
  • Fine grain size of 2-10nm
  • High rate of forming film (0.8-1.2 µm/min)
  • Chrome-free
  • Excellent bath stability
  • Easy bath maintenance and control

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