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Multi Layer Nickel Plating

Semi-Bright Nickel — Stella’s high performance semi-bright nickel chemicals are very stable and able to operate over a wide range of operating conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Sulphur-free plating
  • Excellent corrosion resistance (Potential difference between bright nickel layer; 120-150mV)
  • High ductility, low stress, excellent leveling and uniform properties
  • Additive have no strong odor
  • Excellent performance over a wide range of operating conditions
  • RoHS compliance

Bright Nickel Stella’s bright nickel chemicals can achieve deposits with high brightness, good levelling and ductility.

Features & Benefits

  • High tolerance for impurities
  • Simple operation, wide operating window, uniform thickness deposit
  • Can be operated with standard sulphate or high chloride baths
  • RoHS compliance

Micro-porous Nickel Stella’s micro-porous nickel chemicals are used to deposit bright micro-porous nickel layer that reduces corrosion attacks.

Features & Benefits

  • Even distribution of pores; amount of micro-pores obtained 30K-50K/cm2
  • Reduce corrosion attacks. Ultimate corrosion resistance can be improved from 0.5 to 1.5 Class for CASS testing
  • To be used over the bright nickel deposit in multi-layer nickel and chrome systems
  • RoHS compliance


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