Our Chief Technology Officer Dr Jiang Jianping has been invited to deliver a speech “Challenges and Opportunities of Electroless Plating in Advanced Electronics” at International Surface Finishing Exhibition 2018 and APAC Interfinish 2018 organised by China Surface Engineering Association in Shanghai from 30 October to 2 November 2018. Dr Jiang will report recent development and applications of electroless plating technology in advanced electronics. Recently, Stella has filed 5 patents including 1 granted by China Patent Office.

Our Board Chairman Dr Yin XiJiang will represent President of Singapore Surface Engineering Association to attend International Union of Surface Finishing (IUSF) Council in Shanghai during the same period.

Stella has submitted FPCB ENIG samples to world class MNCs. Results showed the Stella ENIG technology are suitable for fine line high density FPCB (line/space: 25 µm /25 µm).

Stella registered a new company “世程新材料科技(武汉)有限公司” (Stella China) in Wuhan, China. Branch office located at heart of Optical Valley of China, Entrepreneur Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars. With this branch office, Stella is progressively expanding into the China market.

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