STELLA's SAMs / Pore Blockers have been evaluated by the leader of connectors in the world and is now qualified after a series of online evaluation. STELLA's SAMs / Pore Blockers have good corrosion resistant and excellent performance in against thermal aging compared with other commercial products. In addition, there is no side impacts for solderability as well as after thermal aging (65 hours, 105° C), which indicate that STELLA's SAMs / Pore Blockers have good thermal stability. Lifespan of STELLA’s SAMs / Pore Blockers is more than one month, thus achieving a cheaper running cost. World-leading connector manufacturing company such as FCI uses SSC GPCOAT for its plating strands.

STELLA launched new generation OSP and RoHS ENIG chemicals. These products are successfully sold to China, Taiwan and South East Asia Countries. STELLA's OSP is one of the best-performed OSP in the world, perfectly suitable for flexible PCBs and no pre-coat is needed. STELLA's ENIG is RoHS compliant, applicable to Flexible PCBs and black Nickel free. 

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