Stella GM / CTO Dr JIANG Jianping represented President of Singapore Surface Engineering Association attended the 30th anniversary celebration of China Electroplating Association in Beijing and as a guest of honour to participate in the international forum summit discussion. Stella GM / CTO delivered an invited technical paper “New generation ENIG technology for flexible PCBs in wearable electronic devices”.

Stella’s patented technology “A water-based pore blocker”, which reduces the consumption of precious metals of gold & silver by quickly forming an ultra- thin protective layer on substrate surface within a few seconds was awarded the Institution of Engineers (IES) Singapore Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2014.

The IES award recognizes engineering achievements that demonstrate outstanding engineering skills which have made a significant contribution to the engineering progress and the quality of life in Singapore.

Stella General Manager & CTO Dr Jiang Jianping received this Award from the Minister of Education Mr Heng Swee Keat at the ceremony held at University Town (NUS) on 18 July 2014.

Stella’s water-based pore blocker chemical SSC GPCOAT-02 has been used by Taiwanese connector manufacturers and has pass 50-hour Neutral Salt Spray test for 0.025micron gold layer. Stella’s high speed hard gold plating chemical SSC HGC-01F has been used at the mass production lines by a French connector manufacturer in its Singapore operation for more than 5 months with obvious gold saving.

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