China Surface Engineering Association delegates met Stella Chairman Dr Yin XiJiang and Dr Jiang Jianping in Singapore in December 2016. Stella looks forward to the collaboration with China Surface Engineering Association. Dr Yin and Dr Jiang are invited to be the committee members of Scientific and Technical Committee, China Surface Engineering Association Delegates. 

 Stella supported the 3rd SUR/FIN Asia-Pacific Exhibition and Conference held in Singapore from 6 to 8 December 2016. Dr Jiang Jianping gave an invited talk "New Development of Electroless Technology for Electronic Applications". 

Dr Jiang Jianping attended the 29th China International Surface Treatment Exhibition (SFCHINA 2016). This was held in Guangzhou from 30/11/16 to 2/12/16. SFCHINA is one of the most important surface finishing event in China and the Asia region. More than 11,000 visitors attended the exhibition displayed by 275 companies. Dr Jiang had a meeting with the senior staffs of Coventya to discuss the collaborations.

Stella Chairman Dr Yin XiJiang and Stella GM/CTO Dr Jiang Jianping attended the 19th Interfinish World Congress & Exhibition (Interfinish 2016) held 20 – 22 September 2016 in Beijing, China.

Interfinish 2016 is the “Olympic” in the field of Surface Finishing Technologies held once in 4 years. Dr Jiang, as the invited speaker, shared the latest electroless plating technologies at Technical Session of Electronics Surface Treatment. Dr Yin represented Singapore and attended the International Union for Surface Finishing (IUSF) Council meeting together with the President of Singapore Surface Engineering Association (SSEA). Dr Yin helped the opening ceremony of the 2016 International Surface Finishing Exhibition.

Both Dr Yin and Dr Jiang are the International Advisers of Advisory Committee.

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