SP Technopreneurship (10 April 2013)

Stella Specialty (S) Chemicals Pte Ltd is spun off SP's Advanced Materials Technology Centre, which continues to be a strong R&D arm for the company. Observing the emerging trend of end-users trying out products from new players to reduce costs and increase product cycles, the company focuses on producing affordable and green specialty chemicals. 

Stella currently has four main products licensed from Singapore Polytechnic through Innomart Pte Ltd, namely Self Assembly Monolayers (SAMs)-based chemicals coating solution, electroless copper plating solution, high precision electroless nickel (EN) plating solution and organic coating solution for copper protection. 

Samples of the SAM-based chemicals coating solution and high precision electroless nickel plating solution have been undergoing validation at interested companies. The uses for these products range from the manufacture of printed circuit boards, Moulded Interconnect Devices, jewellery, automotives and machine parts. Stella Specialty Chemicals projects a revenue of SGD7.5 million from all its products by 2014.


"Of course, building a successful start-up and be technopreneurs from researchers are challenging. But, we hope to see our ideas created in the laboratory to be transformed into commercially viable products in the global markets."

Dr Yin Xi Jiang
Founder of Stella Specialty Chemicals Pte Ltd

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