JTC Corporation launches Surface Engineering Hub (29 June 2012)

29 June 2012, The Business Times, by Glenn Choo

JTC Corporation has launched a new $50 million hub to serve the surface engineering industry.

Dubbed as the Surface Engineering Hub (SEH), this high-rise multi-tenanted manufacturing facility located on a 1.88 ha site at Tanjong Kling will host an integrated ecosystem of companies in the surface engineering industry. This integration will promote the sharing of know-how to drive collaborative growth opportunities. The companies include surface finishers and plating technology researchers. Tenants of the SEH will benefit from a centralised wastewater treatment plant that will reduce their space requirements and upfront capital investment on top of accelerating the start-up of their operations.

Four companies signed letters of interest yesterday. One of the four companies was Stella Specialty Chemicals. Its chairman of the board Yin Xi Jiang told BT that the centralised wastewater treatment plant would help reduce operating costs over time. He added that being in the SEH allows him to be close to his customers.

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