Training Course in Hefei, China (May 2019)

The China Surface Engineering Association will be holding a special 3-day Training Course for Electroless Plating Technology at the Hefei Electromechanical Industrial Park on 17 June 2019. Through the systematic course study, participants can learn to master the relevant knowledge of electroless plating technology and have different formulas.

The course has a training fee of 3000 Yuan per person and is limited to 30 students nationwide. So please hurry to register. Dr. Jiang Jianping (Stella CTO, Member of China Surface Engineering Association Science and Technology Committee) will be the guest lecturer for this training course.

After the training and assessment, participants will be awarded the “Chemical Plating Process Technician” or “Advanced Electroless Plating Technician” certificate by the China Surface Engineering Association.

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